Quantum Ink is a customer-oriented ink & specialty coating company, committed to exceptional quality, service and consistency.

Quantum Ink Company manufactures and supplies ink for printing processes: flexographic, gravure, offset, radiation cure and coatings. In addition, Quantum has an offset division, with full laboratory and research capabilities. We tailor our ink to meet the customer’s needs. Whatever the printing application, Quantum Ink has the products for it, and the commitment that will make the printed product better. Contact us for a free service trial today!


Quantum Ink has done an outstanding job with quick responses and turnaround times. When you call them up you ALWAYS talk to a “live person”. They get you the immediate attention you need.

​Communication is a stringent requirement for us so we know what is happening on press at all times and Quantum Ink has done a great job with that. They are a very professional and personal company to deal with.

​Quantum Ink is more than an ink company, they are a professional family. They have given us an opportunity to build and grow our business throughout years of dedicated partnership and loyalty. Not only have they raised service standards due to their experienced technicians and trainers, but they have improved press operations given their educated employees and knowledge of the industry. When I think of Quantum Ink, I do not think ink company, I think relationship.

LSI had two ink vendors making essentially the same product for the past thirty years. The qualification process for a new ink system is tremendous with the number of certifications required in the wallcovering industry. I heard over and over again that these two vendors were the only ones who could ever make an ink system that would fit the stringent requirements for certifications. It was essentially a Duopoly in the industry.

We were in the middle of putting in new equipment to run both embossing in line and out of line so we decided to investing a combined ink vehicle that would cope with vastly different line speeds in both processes versus having to use two separate systems. I had no experience with Quantum prior to inquiring with them if they were interested in taking on a challenge that would require tremendous up-front costs to them with no guarantees of any return other than the knowledge they gained.

Quantum having a local facility with a lab and quick technical support allowed them to be extremely efficient in determining the characteristics required to fit the requirements. Their ink system passed every single test within a month of trials and it was the only system that could deliver the performance requirements in all printing conditions.

Once we made the decision to move forward with them, the next hurdle was switching the systems and minimizing downtime. We were very concerned about not sustaining any meaningful downtime in the transition. I was shocked that the number ended up being zero. We had no downtime, I mean none. I have never seen that happen before. They formulated a plan with us and then executed it. They were here 24/7 to make sure everything went as predetermined. They turned a lot of doubters in to advocates in less than a month. It was incredible. Winning the hearts and minds of people can only be done in one way and that is by showing them you have their backs and you can provide a better product that will help them meet their daily metrics. Quantum came through in every area. You should have no hesitation on downtime because they can execute what is planned.