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Captain Ink is not a fictional character appearing in comic books. Captain Ink is the nickname a client gave Quantum Ink. It all started with the work we were doing for clients. They started calling us superhero’s because we reduced press downtime so much and increased ink mileage more than they’d ever experienced. Frankly, they told us it was the best performance they’d ever seen on press. So, we embraced what was being said about us and to prove just how confident we are that you will receive the best performance on press you’ve ever seen or we pay a competitor we created the Captain Ink challenge.


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What customers say…

I just wanted to send you and your staff a quick thank you for all of the help and support that we have received from Quantum Ink. Your quick response time and turnarounds on weekly Purchase Orders and last minute requests is second to none. Regardless whether we need Technical support to purchase ink or to simply ask a question about a specific product, Quantum is always just a phone call away. We appreciate you and your team for all that you do and anticipate a long term business partnership moving forward!

Brad AkersProcess Press Supervisor – Discount Labels

As companions to our greeting cards, American Greetings Corporation produces envelopes for inclusion with each card, and various point-of-sale marketing materials. It was in these component operations at Osceola, AR that we first welcomed Quantum as a key supplier. In short order, our concern with color consistency and excess waste were eliminated. Quantum quickly demonstrated they would provide more than ink, they provided solutions. They are attentive to our every need and very timely in every response. They have provided educational sessions for our Associates so our understanding of the science of color is now much broader. Seeing this great impact on our Osceola operation, we expanded the presence of Quantum to include similar operations at our Bardstown, KY plant. We continue to invite Quantum in to help resolve problems in new areas. We want that superior service across a wider swath of our operations. The operations at American Greetings, touched by Quantum, are improved. In our constant quest to provide a superior product to our own customers, we found that superior business partner in Quantum. We are better for having formed this relationship. The staff at Quantum makes my staff feel as though they are the only customers Quantum has to serve. We tried bigger suppliers, now we have the best. It has become cliché to call your suppliers, “partners”, but that is truly what we have in Quantum.

Curtis BasterJust-In-Time-Line Manager – American Greetings Corporation – Osceola, AR

We at U.S. Display group are customer focused and aim to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We also demand that our suppliers do the same. The picture was very clear from the moment we began meetings with Quantum Ink that we were of like minds. We needed an ink supplier to aid us with our customers’ demands of meeting color objectives and to be able to replicate those expectations every time. We were at a crossroads and needed someone to continue for a continued adventure. Quantum Ink brought a sense of urgency that was long overdue. It was refreshing to deal with a company that not only talked the talk but walked the walk. Quantum was instrumental in the addition of a computer monitored ink kitchen that gave us at U.S. Display Group the replication we needed. They also made the base color transition seamless. For the beginning weeks of switching to Quantum, they had personnel on site to help in the transition and train operators. Their customer service is exactly what we wanted and expected. Quantum Ink’s difference in printing was immediate. Obstacles we dealt with in the past suddenly went away. The colors were stronger and the ability to transform the corrugated material into a stunning point of purchase display through printing was no longer a burden. The mileage achieved with the ink is significantly greater, the ability to go on press with little to no color adjustment is much better, and the amount of issues in the press due to ink has diminished. Our set-up and make-ready times were immediately reduced. Quantum Ink’s staff is knowledgeable, considerate, and makes your needs their needs. They are always available and can make changes remotely if necessary. We are on first name basis and never hesitate to call. Their lab is quick to deliver what is needed. We at U.S. Display group are happy to have a partner like Quantum Ink.

Jeff BanksQuality/Safety Manager – U.S. Display Group

LSI had two ink vendors making essentially the same product for the past thirty years.  The qualification process for a new ink system is tremendous with the number of certifications required in the wallcovering industry.  I heard over and over again that these two vendors were the only ones who could ever make an ink system that would fit the stringent requirements for certifications.  It was essentially a Duopoly in the industry.

We were in the middle of putting in new equipment to run both embossing in line and out of line so we decided to investing a combined ink vehicle that would cope with vastly different line speeds in both processes versus having to use two separate systems.  I had no experience with Quantum prior to inquiring with them if they were interested in taking on a challenge that would require tremendous up-front costs to them with no guarantees of any return other than the knowledge they gained.

Quantum having a local facility with a lab and quick technical support allowed them to be extremely efficient in determining the characteristics required to fit the requirements.  Their ink system passed every single test within a month of trials and it was the only system that could deliver the performance requirements in all printing conditions.

Once we made the decision to move forward with them, the next hurdle was switching the systems and minimizing downtime.  We were very concerned about not sustaining any meaningful downtime in the transition.  I was shocked that the number ended up being zero.  We had no downtime, I mean none.  I have never seen that happen before.  They formulated a plan with us and then executed it.  They were here 24/7 to make sure everything went as predetermined.  They turned a lot of doubters in to advocates in less than a month.  It was incredible.  Winning the hearts and minds of people can only be done in one way and that is by showing them you have their backs and you can provide a better product that will help them meet their daily metrics.  Quantum came through in every area.  You should have no hesitation on downtime because they can execute what is planned.

Chris CashVice President - Operations - LSI Wallcovering

In order to be competitive and successful in the printing industry today, you must provide top quality work at the lowest cost with superior customer service. To achieve this, you need a supplier who has the same values, and that’s what I have found with Quantum Ink. With Quantum Ink, I always receive high quality inks at a competitive price, and their customer service is incredible. From their technical expertise to their devoted sales team, Quantum Ink has helped me achieve a level of quality and customer satisfaction that no other ink company could match.

Blake MillerCarton Craft Corporation – New Albany, IN

I’ve been in the printing business for more than 40 years, and have used many different ink companies and products – from solvent inks containing lead, to environmentally friendly water-based inks. When I stumbled onto Quantum Ink, it didn’t take long to discover that this company actually cares about the customer and is willing to do whatever is needed to satisfy our needs. The dedicated team at Quantum came into our plant. They spent weeks working on the floor and training our press personnel on how to convert from solvent to water-based inks. The task was not an easy one as our equipment was older and without corona treaters. The team reformulated their inks to run on our presses until upgrades were completed. No other company was willing to do that. We tried for years with large companies to convert our system and become a more environmentally friendly manufacturer. Now, because of Quantum Ink and its highly trained team, we have successfully made that conversion. Quantum Ink may be small in size, but it certainly makes up for it through service and quality. President Daniel R. Bland, Sr. has mentioned to me that, “Quantum is only happy when the customer is happy.” I highly recommend any printing house to give Quantum a call, an opportunity. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but a great deal to gain. I’m glad that I made that one phone call. It changed how we do business today!

Wayne WatsonPlant Manager – Inteplast Bags & Films Corp. – New Brunswick, Canada

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